[Marxism] work - ability - needs

David Picón Álvarez david at miradoiro.com
Thu Jun 12 13:11:06 MDT 2008

From: "Sky Keyes-Vogt" <skeyesvogt at gmail.com>
>I had always heard it as "... according to their needs," this was the first
> time I ever heard/read someone say "..according to their work."

It was, I think, a slogan deviced by Lenin. But it has firm standing in such 
works as Capital, COTGP, or such. For instance take this from COTGP:

"What he has given to it is his individual quantum of labor. For example, 
the social working day consists of the sum of the individual hours of work; 
individual labor time of the individual producer is the part of the social 
working day contributed by him, his share in it. He receives a certificate 
society that he has furnished such-and-such an amount of labor (after 
deducting his labor for the common funds); and with this certificate, he 
draws from
the social stock of means of consumption as much as the same amount of labor 
cost. The same amount of labor which he has given to society in one form,
he receives back in another."

This is quite clearly an endorsement of "to each according to his 

Note that this is intended for the socialist phase, that is, the period 
before the economic and industrial base has so developed as to permit 
communism as a pure thing. I think we all would agree Cuba is in this 
earlier stage of development.


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