[Marxism] work - ability - needs

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Jun 12 16:48:29 MDT 2008

"S. Artesian" wrote:
> I would not agree about Cuba.  Stage theory has been obsolete since 1905, at
> least.  The dynamics are simply that Cuba is, unfortunately, taking steps
> backward.

There is no way one  isolated nation can maintain anything like a full
socialist order within its borders; what one can reasonably hope for is
that Cuba, even with a nascent class differentiation, will remain in
some real sense a "liberated zone." A _real_ step backward, for example,
would be if it discontinued offering sanctuary for political "criminals"
from the u.s & other imperialist nations.

I don't see where the gain is from endless hassle among marxists as to
whether a given nation, resisting imperialism, is "socialist" or not.


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