[Marxism] national antiwar conference Cleveland, Ohio June 28-29

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An Open National Conference to Support the Demands:*

Stop the War in Iraq! Bring the Troops Home NOW!

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We invite everyone who opposes the war and occupation to attend an open
democratic national antiwar conference to place on the agenda of the entire
US antiwar movement a proposal for the largest possible united mass
mobilization to stop the war and end the occupation.

Saturday, June 28 & Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cleveland, Ohio

Speakers include:

Donna Dewitt,* *President, South Carolina AFL-CIO

Fred Mason, President of the Maryland AFL-CIO and a  National Co-Convenor of
U.S. Labor Against the War

Greg Coleridge,* *Program Director, Northeast Ohio American Friends

Service Committee; Coordinator, Northeast Ohio Anti-War Coalition

Jonathan Hutto,* *Navy Petty Officer, author, Anti-War Soldier and

co-founder of Appeal for Redress

Jeremy Scahill,* *Author, of "*Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most
Powerful Mercenary Army*"

Jesse Diaz, Organizer of the May 1, 2006 immigrant rights boycott

Cindy Sheehan, by video

To register and for more information, log on to:  www.natassembly.org.

- National Assembly antiwar conference video flyer:


- CPR for the Antiwar Movement
by Ron Jacobs

It is fair to say that the antiwar movement in the US is moribund.  A
movement that put a million people in the streets a month before the
invasion of Iraq in 2003 and has drawn as many as half-a-million protesters
to protests as recently as January 2007 has failed to mobilize anything even
near those numbers since then.  Part of this is because of differences among
the leadership of the two primary antiwar organizations, part of it is
because many people opposed to the war have put their energies—however
misplaced-- into working for Barack Obama, and part of it is attributable to
the belief that there is nothing one can do to stop the bloody occupations
of Iraq and Afghanistan.  The most recent example of this occurred during
the week of March 15th, 2008.  Despite the announced intentions of both
antiwar organizations to organize some kind of national march marking the
fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, there was no such protest.
Instead, hundreds of cities and towns around the country held smaller

In the wake of the failure to organize a national protest, some folks from
the US who had formed a coalition following a 2007 international antiwar
conference in London decided to step outside the existing organizational
stasis.  They formed a steering committee with the intention of reigniting
the national movement against the war in the United States.  The primary
movers behind this effort include members of the American Friends Service
Committee (AFSC), US Labor Against the War (USLAW), military veterans and
individuals with decades of experience organizing against imperial war, and
representatives of numerous local antiwar committees.  Characterizing
themselves as the mass action wing of the antiwar movement, the steering
committee in early spring 2008 put out a call for a national meeting of
antiwar activists and citizens in late June of this year —a call which has
been answered by hundreds of organizations and individuals from across the
US.  Organizing under the name The National Assembly to End the Iraq War and
Occupation, <http://natassembly.org/> the steering committee has garnered
the endorsement of several labor organizations and individuals like Cindy
Sheehan, Howard Zinn and Mumia Abu Jamal.  In addition, a multitude of local
peace and justice organizations, church groups and student organizations
have signed on.

When I asked AFSC organizer and coordinator of the Northeast Ohio Anti-War
Coalition Greg Coleridge, who along with Marilyn  Levin of Greater Boston
United for Justice with Peace, is one of the national spokespeople for the
National Assembly, why this conference should be held now, he responded this

"The ever-increasing human carnage, economic costs, and desire for US
military conquest connected to the Iraq war and occupation demand effective
resistance. There is an urgent need for greater coordination, collaboration
and cohesion among US anti-war organizations without giving up their own
missions and identities. The upcoming elections provide ample opportunities
to distract attention from the current permanent nature of the war and
occupation. Now is the time for anti-war activists and concerned citizens to
come together and call on the anti-war movement to organize mass actions
which communicate to the public and pressure elected officials that US
troops, bases and contractors must leave Iraq immediately."
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