[Marxism] Cuba to abandon wage caps

John johnedmundson at paradise.net.nz
Thu Jun 12 16:18:27 MDT 2008

Walter posted this yesterday, from Granma. While I'm as nervous as
anyone about the direction Cuba is moving in, I think the implication
that managers have a cap on their bonuses while workers don't seems

"Resolution 9/08 states there is no limit to bonuses from surpassing
production norms of workers who are paid according to production
results for goods and services, providing that other efficiency
indicators incorporated in the pay system do not deteriorate.

"The rest of the personnel working in the area of regulation and
control -such as managers, technicians and specialists in marketing,
human resources and economy- will normally have general and specific
indicators with a limit of a 30 percent incentive. The head of a
workshop can be considered a direct employee and as such has no pay

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