[Marxism] MH: Obama: I'll talk to Raúl, lift travel curbs

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Fri Jun 13 06:41:52 MDT 2008

Obama: I'll talk to Raúl, lift travel curbs

Barack Obama this week said that, if he is elected president, he
"would initiate conversations with our enemies in Cuba and Venezuela"
and "would cancel the travel restrictions for those who have
relatives in Cuba." Interviewed by Univisión newsman Jorge Ramos, he
also commented on a May 25 article by Fidel Castro that was critical
of the Democratic presidential candidate. "I doubt that Fidel wrote
his latest editorial. I think he's too sick to do so," Obama said.
The interview was published Wednesday in the Chilean newspaper El
Mercurio. Other topics:

• Hugo Chávez "is a threat, but a manageable threat. We know, for
instance, that he may have been involved in support for the FARC
[Colombian guerrillas], harming a neighbor. That's not the kind of
neighbor we want."

• "I can guarantee an immigration reform bill during the first year"
in the White House.

• "I voted for the free-trade treaty with Peru, but I will oppose the
one with Colombia until I'm confident that they are not killing labor
union leaders there."

• Washington should help Mexico because "more jobs over there mean
fewer undocumented [migrants] who come to the United States."

To read the entire article (in Spanish only), click here.


---Renato Pérez Pizarro.

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