[Marxism] work - ability - needs

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Jun 13 07:45:58 MDT 2008

Angelus Novus wrote:
> Shane Mage:
> > We know that Stalinism destroyed this possibility in
> > Russia and  China, and smothers it in Cuba.
> The word "Stalinism" seems to play a similar role in
> the Trotskyist lexicon that "authoritarian" plays for
> Anarchists.  Namely, it is an empty signifier without
> much clear meaning that serves to express the
> disapproval or distaste of the speaker.
> Subsuming China, the USSR, DDR, Cuba et al to a single
> category obscures far more than it explains.

That seems mostly right. Tentatively, I think the label may also carry
some further ideological freight: it incorporates the myth that when
revolutionary efforts fail it is because of bad (evil) leadership -- a
sort of subterranean sectarianism without sects, as if Roman Catholicism
could continue to exist without the Pope as long as one continued to
hurl diatribes against the Anti-Pope.


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