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=0ATHE POULANTZAS READER BY VERSO=0A=0AThe Poulantzas Reader=0A=0ANicos Pou=
lantzas=0A=0AEdited by James Martin=0A=0APublication: June 2008=0A=0AHardba=
ck: ISBN 978 1 84467 199 1 / 256 pages / $95/ =C2=A360=0APaperback: ISBN 97=
8 1 84467 200 4 / 256 pages / $34.95 / =C2=A319.99=0A=0A=0A=E2=80=A2Nicos P=
oulantzas is one of the foremost Marxist political theorists of the twentie=
th century. =0A=E2=80=A2He became justly famous for his work on social clas=
ses and the state, and for his engagements and debates with a range of infl=
uential thinkers, from Althusser and Foucault to Miliband and Laclau. =0A=
=E2=80=A2This volume presents a selection of Poulantzas=E2=80=99 key writin=
gs in legal philosophy and political sociology, some of which are translate=
d here for the first time.  =0A=E2=80=A2These seminal texts address a range=
 of issues including the theory of hegemony, Sartrean existentialism, fasci=
sm, and the Greek military coup of 1967.  =0A=E2=80=A2Also included is an i=
nterview with Poulantzas himself from 1979, and his classic, frequently cit=
ed dispute with Ralph Miliband on the nature of the capitalist state. =0A=
=E2=80=A2Poulantzas provided a remarkably prescient analysis of capitalist =
political economy, during the most turbulent years of its evolution into th=
e globalized system we live in today.  =0A=E2=80=A2His writings prefigured =
many of the central debates in contemporary Marxist theory, and these artic=
les, spanning the length of his career, offer an essential and comprehensiv=
e introduction to his thought.=0A        =0APraise for "State, Power, Socia=
lism":=0A=E2=80=9CIt is Poulantzas=E2=80=99 great virtue to have seen so cl=
early that an adequate Marxist theory of politics must be able to deal with=
 just those phenomena which non-Marxists have regarded as decisive refutati=
ons of Marxism.=E2=80=9D=0ATimes Literary Supplement=0A=0APraise for "Polit=
ical Power and Social Classes":=0A=E2=80=9CThis is a book which deserves a =
very wide audience. Of great interest for Americans is the fact that he bri=
dges Marxist and =E2=80=98Western=E2=80=99 social science writings with rem=
arkable acuity.=E2=80=9D=0AJournal of Politics=0A=0APraise for "Classes in =
Contemporary Capitalism":=0A=E2=80=9CPoulantzas=E2=80=99 major arguments ar=
e very controversial and challenging. This is one of the most important rec=
ent contributions to class theory.=E2=80=9D=0AContemporary Sociology=0A=0AA=
UTHOR: Nicos Poulantzas was born in Athens in 1936 and died in Paris in 197=
9.  His other published works include Political Power and Social Classes, C=
lasses in Contemporary Capitalism, Fascism and Dictatorship and State, Powe=
r, Socialism.  =0AEDITOR: James Martin is Reader in Political Thought at Go=
ldsmiths College, London, and is the author of Gramsci=E2=80=99s Political =
Analysis, co-author of Third Way Discourse: European Ideologies in the Twen=
tieth Century, and editor of Antonio Gramsci: Critical Assessments.=0A=0AMo=
re information from the Verso website:=0A=0Ahttp://www.versobooks.com/books=
/nopqrs/nopq-titles/poulantzas_n_reader.shtml=0A=0AAvailable at all good bo=
okshops or on Amazon:=0A=0Ahttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Poulantzas-Reader-Marxis=
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