[Marxism] Cuban VP Carlos Lage speech to municipal People's Power presidents

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Fri Jun 13 10:29:36 MDT 2008

The document linked below is the complete text of the remarks made
by Carlos Lage at a meeting of local government leaders in Cuba a
week ago. CubaNews is very proud to have made this document available
in English for the international public. He provides a range of views
and answers to a number of the island's most pressing current issues.

As we strive to grapple with and understand the changes which are now
unfolding within Cuba, it's wise to avoid allowing the hostile foreign
media to set the agenda for our attention and thinking. They never want
the Cuban system to work, have never said it did work, and would never
say it worked in any event. That's their agenda and their job and we
should always keep that in mind as we read their coverage. When they
say Cuba is giving up Communism, it's part of their permanent propaganda
drive to convince their readers that there is no alternative to living
under the capitalist system, with all of its greed, violence, corruption
and human misery. That is what capitalism has to offer the world's people.

That being said, the Cubans aren't trying to kid themselves that they
don't have plenty of problems of their own, of which a number smaller 
than 100% can be attributed to Washington's half-century blockade of 
Cuba. Here we see a sketch, and it's certainly not a complete one, of the
problems, and some of the proposed solutions, as the Cuban leadership is
currently presenting them to the island's population. I can't emphasize
more strongly to read this material in detail, and ponder it, before we
try to reach lighting conclusions in light of a few dramatic-sounding
sound-bytes and headlines.

Some people ask me if I endorse or don't endorse the various decisions
made by the Cuban government in trying to confront it's many complex 
challenges. Of course the question itself makes no sense. Neither do 
I endorse or not endorse such decisions. First, I'm not Cuban and it's
none of my business. It's the job of the Cuban government and the right
of the Cuban people to fix whatever they can in their society. Further,
our general sympathy and support for their continuing efforts to correct
mistakes and keep working to perfect Cuba's society are general goals to
which I subscribe. There are far, far too many complex matters which are
being discussed and carried out in a society as complex as is the Cuban
society of today. Whether or not some individual foreigner pronounces
an opinion beyond general support and sympathy is just meaningless.

My most important job is to try to understand, and my next important
job it to try to share the information I receive in a meaningful way
with those who are interested, and who are broadly supportive of the
Cuban effort to build a more just, functional society. That's enough.

Walter Lippmann
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Carlos Lage Dávila’s speech 
to municipal presidents of the People’s Power Assembly
E-mail: digital at jrebelde.cip.cu / Photos: Roberto Suárez 
June 8, 2008 - 00:29:43 GMT

A CubaNews translation. Edited by Walter Lippmann.


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     Editor-in-Chief, CubaNews
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