[Marxism] Che Guevara: material incentives do not work

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More than that-- there are quite simply errors of fact.  Neither, China, 
Brazil, nor India  and let's not leave out the R in the BRIC, Russia, is 
anything approaching an "economic powerhouse."

An economic powerhouse would have productivity levels far above those of the 
BRIC, would have the portion of the population tied to agriculture at much 
lower levels-- and that's just for starters.

But it is this faux erudition, this faux realpolitik, which says, in 
justification of steps backward, or steps not even analyzed-- 'it's a 
different world, than the one of such and such an era.'   Sounds like 
Bernstein, Kautsky, etc to me.

Nobody has denounced Cuba for these steps, but we need to recognize them for 
what they are, and what their origin is-- the isolation of the Cuban 
Revolution, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the development of capitalism, 
internationally financed, locally administered capitalism in China and 
Vietnam, the defeat of the revolutionary impulse in South Africa....

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