[Marxism] Obama: I'll talk to Raúl, lift travel curbs

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Fri Jun 13 14:53:14 MDT 2008

On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 1:54 PM, Eli Stephens
<elishastephens at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Interviewed by Univisión newsman Jorge Ramos, he
> also commented on a May 25 article by Fidel Castro that was critical
> of the Democratic presidential candidate. "I doubt that Fidel wrote
> his latest editorial. I think he's too sick to do so," Obama said.
> What's "sick" is American politicians, Democratic and Republican alike. What an
> UTTERLY IGNORANT STATEMENT by Obama. What a complete ass.

Do you really believe that a candidate means every word he says? Isn't
it possible that Obama, by suggesting that the article wasn't written
by Fidel, is cleverly deflecting having to respond to it? I would say
that it's a pretty smart move. If he responds to it, then no matter
what he says, he will make some people upset. So, he may deliberately
be avoiding having to respond to it.

What is far more interesting is that (in the passage quoted above),
Obama is saying "I doubt that Fidel wrote" -- not "I doubt that Castro
wrote". The only people who refer to Fidel by his first name like
this, so far as I am aware, are people who are at least a little bit
sympathetic to Fidel. The Miami opposition invariably refers to him as
"Fidel Castro" or just "Castro", and never refer to him by the
first-name basis.

> And as for the reference to "our enemies in Cuba and Venezuela," it would be
> nice to see SOME recognition from Obama that Cuba trains American medical
> students (for free!),

Obama is trying to get elected. Why would he say things that will send
the moneyed Fidel-haters and moneyed Chavez-haters into a flurry of
campaign contributions to McCain? One would be doubtful of Obama's
sanity if he did brazenly say the things you want him to say.

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