[Marxism] Cuba to abandon wage caps

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 14 04:12:09 MDT 2008


> The obsession with judging Cuba, whether negatively 
> or positively, is I think a sort of icon of the 
> plight of leftists in the U.S. (and Ipresume western
> Europe)today

I agree with this.  It is an irritating tendency to
dispense certificates of approval according to a
catalogue of empirical criteria.  Louis calls it
"Walter Mitty" behavior, I prefer to call it "Dungeons
& Dragons".  Either way, it is a grotesque fantasy

"Cuba: socialist or not?" and "Venezuela: socialist or
not?" is the most boring game ever played.  Far more
useful is deep analysis of what is going on in these
countries, rather than conducting tests to see if they
meet a catalogue of criteria.

> In similar situations revolutionary leaders of the 
> past stopped kvetching and used the interval to 
> clarify their thought

Lenin used the occasion of the first World War to
conduct research into both Hegel's Logic and Marx's
Capital, concluding that all previous socialists had
not understand the latter because they hadn't read the
former.  I have doubts about Lenin's specific
conclusion, but the fact that he actually conducted
that sort of searching, theoretical consideration is
what is important here.  I can't imagine anyone on
this list accusing him of being a theoretical wanker
for not deriving a strategy for immigrant's rights
from the analysis of the forms of value.


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