[Marxism] Information Re: Cuba to abandon wage caps

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 14 10:47:10 MDT 2008

Marxists look at things dialectically, and
they know that sometimes the same person
says one thing at one time and another at
another time. Trying to make universalized
prescriptions out of single quotation is
misleading. That's all my point was and
the quotation should document the idea.

Some people, it seems, hope to use the
Che of 1965 against the Cuba of 2008 and
that's what I was trying to suggest here.

I've also provided that quote from Jorge Martin
showing how the Alan Woods tendency tries to
pit Fidel against Raul. Same kind of thing.
But as Isaac Saney has pointed out, Cuba's
Revolution is characterized by an alternating
mixture of continuity and renewal. It's an
on ongoing, continuous or permanent process.

Pick your own adverb.

Walter Lippmann
SARTESIAN, who presumably has not read 
the suggested quote, affirms, anyway:

Walter, if we live, as you stated, in a much different world from the one in 
which Che and the Cuban Revolution spoke of the new socialist man and the 
use of moral incentives, then that much different world should similarly 
discount what Che wrote in this letter, Che's earlier applications of 
material incentives, etc.

Talk about cherry-picking...

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