[Marxism] 60 years to the cleansing of the Palestinians. The only solution: a working class revolution

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Sat Jun 14 09:28:16 MDT 2008

60 years to the cleansing of the Palestinians.
Ilan Pappe is a corgous  Israeli historian who has recorded the mass expulsion  that began not after the beginning of the 1948 war but shortly after the November 47  UN  resolution to allocated to the Zionists 55% of  British's occupied Palestine.
According to Pappe in an interview to Al Jazera :
"Between February, 1948 and December,1948 the Israeli army systematically occupied the Palestinian villages and towns, expelled by force the population and in most cases also destroyed the houses, looted their belongings and took over their material and cultural possessions. This was the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.
During the ethnic cleansing, wherever there was resistance by the population the result was a massacre. We have more than 30 cases of such massacres where a few thousand Palestinians were massacred by the Israeli forces throughout the operation of the ethnic cleansing.
The Israeli army became a bit tired toward the end of the operation and the Palestinian villages became more aware of what was awaiting them and therefore in the Upper Galilee the Israeli army did not succeed in expelling all of the villages. This is why today we have what we call the Arab-Israelis or Israeli-Arabs".
The explanation for the reason the Israeli did not expel all the Palestinians is a little bit weak. It is more likely  that  other considerations were the reason. For example the need for cheap labor. 
Pappe is calling for the return of the Palestinian refugees, and this is a correct democratic demand that the International working class should support. However when it comes to  his understanding how to implement this demand being a liberal  he is confused. According to the same interview three things must happened to realize this demand, based on the idea of one democratic, namely bourgeois state. 
"I think that there should be no reason in the world that two people - the Palestinians and the Jews - despite everything that happened in the past should not be able live together effective and in one state". 
"You need three things for that to happen. You need closure for the 1948 story - namely you need an Israeli acknowledgment of the crime it committed against the Palestinian people". 
"The second thing that you need is you need to make Israel accountable for this and the only way of making Israel accountable is by, at least in principle, accepting the Palestinian refugees right of return". 
"And thirdly you need a change in the Palestinian and Arab position towards the idea of a Jewish presence in Palestine as something legitimate and natural and not as an alien colonialist force". 
 This plan is a pie in the sky. Israel is a settler colonialist society and its ruling class backed by imperialism will never accept  such a plan. Only the Arab working class can resolve this question by a working class revolution. In such a revolution the Palestinian masses will be in the first line. Not only this but an Arab  working class revolution is the only way that can turn a section of the Israeli Jewish workers against the Zionist state.
For this reason a working class revolutionary party made of the most consciousness workers is an absolute necessary.  A revolutionary workers state in one of the  existing Arab capitalist states will be able to convinces a section of the Jewish workers to join the revolutionary struggle as the only solution out of the Zionist death's trap.
Of course one isolated Arab workers republic will face the attacks from imperialism and the all other states in the regions and first of all the Israeli imperialist state. For this reason this revolution will have to be a regional  revolution part of the world revolution.
Only a Palestinian workers state from the sea to the river will  guarantee the right of the return  of the refugees. This does no t mean that the demand for the return has to wait until the revolution but that this demand is one of the democratic demands to struggle for now and be raised in the  working class struggles in the region and around the world. This demand can be raised in  the demonstrations in support of the people of Gaza under siege, against Israeli plans to attack Syria or Iran, or in the demonstrations  against the imperialist conquest of Iraq.
Those who reject the struggle for this democratic demand on the ground that the Israeli settler colonialist have the right to self determination , namely that the only solution is a mini  Palestinian state alongside Israel within the existing imperialist order  just show how cynical they are toward the working class and how much they trust the imperialists and their local servants. The last 60 years have shown in practice that their so called "realism" is nothing more than reactionary dreams detached from history.


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