[Marxism] Barack Obama, where art though (OPEN LETTER)

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 11:13:28 MDT 2008

The openletter to Obama to which Walter refers begins, "You're my guy;
don't get me wrong."

Walter responds, "This is an outstanding example of how to reach
people who are in motion . . . ."

I can't help but wonder, "Walter, where art thou?"

Secondly, it's worth observing that this particular political campaign
deliberately mimics a movement--"people who are in motion"--but is not
confusing itself as to what it is.  It is not a movement.  It is not
"people in motion."  In the end, it is a consumer satisfaction survey,
a marketing exercise.

Now, before the mantra resumes that we don't really understand how
important this campaign is to us, let's be clear that we entirely
understand that it "mimics a movement."

None of that detracts from its primary function, which is to keep
people from going into motion, to deflact a movement, to reduce all
aspirations to a question of whether or not Obama can win this
particular version of American Idol.

As of the end of April, he had broken all records to raise
$265,000,000.  In Obama's case, we are told that the fact does not
make him beholden to the donors who--five months before the
election--had already given him four times what they gave to all the
major candidates in that record-breaking big-money-dominated 1980
election.  But they don't want anything for it this time.  Or they do,
because the donors, we are told, are just ordinary people like us
sending money on the internet.

Before we can accurately assess anything about the secondary aspects
of the Obama campaign, we sure as hell better be able to understand
its primary character, no?


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