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yossi schwartz yossischwartz2003 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 14 11:20:24 MDT 2008

On Cuba
While it is necessary to defend Cuba against any imperialist attacks and break the US imposed sanctions, it is  not  the same as claiming  that  Cuba whose economy is based on exchange value and the bureaucratic planning is very inefficient and leads to a  great waste of labor ,  is a socialist state. Cuba is a poor island and the political policy of the regime that opposed working class revolutions,  for example in Chile, by supporting a popular front government, has only led to further isolation.
 Only the working class can build a workers state which is  a transitional stage to socialism and the Cuban revolution was not a working class revolution but a bourgeois revolution, based on the a guerrilla movement,  whose based of support was the peasantry .  In 1959 the Cuban Communist party controlled the working class and this party opposed Castro led revolution. In his first visit to the US following the revolution, Castro denounced the Communist  party as a party striving to imposed a dictatorial regime.  The Castroist movement merged later on with the Communist party to control the working class exploited by the capitalist bureaucracy.
The fact that the capitalist economy is mostly nationalized does not show that Cuba is a workers state. Israel I economy for example until  some 20 -30 years ago was  mostly nationalized and many people believed  for this reason at least in the first years of the existence of  Israeli state  and in particular because of the Kibutzim that it was a socialist state. Needless to say it was nonsense. Israel is and was all the time a capitalist state of a very particular kind similar to the Rhodesian and South Africa under the Apartheid-a  settler colonialist society. 
The problems we see now in Cuba moving in the direction of privatization is not a change of a state, nor relationship of production,  but a change of the form  of ownership under the same state. All ready Engles made the point that nationalized whore house will not be a socialism.
The working class in Cuba need independent democratic  trade unions , workers control of the nationalized  enterprises  and most of all  a working class revolutionary party to  overthrow the capitalist state and replace it by a workers state based on workers soviets that its  highest  executive committee is the revolutionary government.
Most of all the working class in Cuba needs  to participate in the world socialist revolution ton smash the imperialist control of the world economy.


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