[Marxism] On Cuba

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 21:49:56 MDT 2008

Thanks Joaquin for your personal story and insight on the Cuban revolution.
My view of it, from afar -  in time and space - was that this was one of the
genuine popular revolutions of history - but  like all of the other ones  in
the 20th century:  Mexcio, Russia, China and more ... it didn't fit any mold
left over from other places and times.  The problem with much of what passed
for Marxism in  the late 20th century was that it tried to fit the mold of
what some people imagined an ideal proletarian revolution should have been
(which they sometimes imagined had actually happened in Russia)  on top of
every other social revolution. If the imaginary mold didn't match, the
social revolution in question had failed the idealist  litmus  test. The
state caps and most Trotskyists suffer(ed) from this psychopathology,
although they were not alone. the social democrats were big practioners as
were the Staliinists, only with different spins. Anthony

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