[Marxism] Barack Obama, where art though (OPEN LETTER)

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 15 10:14:05 MDT 2008

"The main point of the OPEN LETTER to Obama was to speak
to his audience about what was wrong with his stance of
groveling before the Cuban-American National Fund and
in my opinion the letter was successful in doing that"

Really? And just what is your evidence of that? Has it resulted in a flood of 
letters being written to Obama by his supporters, demanding (or even politely 
requesting) that he change his stance on Cuba? Even one? Has it resulted in a 
flood of his supporters signing on as supporters of the Cuban Five, or joining 
Pastors for Peace caravans?

Just what is your measure of "success"?

Personally, I'd say by telling Obama supporters that "he's your guy," no matter 
how much you don't like his stand on Cuba (or Palestine or single-payer health 
care or escalating the war in Afghanistan or a host of other issues), what 
you're implicitly saying to those supporters is that frankly, those things don't 
really matter very much.

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