[Marxism] Priceless Gore Vidal interview

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sun Jun 15 10:52:53 MDT 2008

Fred Feldman wrote:
> I didn't though. Louis was dead right. Pointless, humorless (a big hole for 
> Coen movies), plotless, and endless. Fine performances by Javier Bardem,
> whom I had not seen before

he had a priceless 5 minute role in Collateral with Jamie Foxx and Tom 
Cruise. i'd watch No Country ... for Bardem only, except i have seen so 
many bad reviews of it here.

> "Miller's Crossing" may have been the most word for word translation to film
> of Hammett's great novel "The Glass Key." His best along with "Red Harvest."

huh, i find myself watching Miller's Crossing over and over and over 
again, and can't figure out why i like it so much. Dashiel Hammet???? 
i'll be damned.
> Science and Society recently carried a study of Faulkner's legitimately
> classic Light In August. The review did a very good job of exposing the real
> social context of the conditions described

somehow Light in August has floated to the top of my summer reading 
list, but haven't got past page 3 yet. i would be interested to hear 
more about the study.
> Watching "There Will Be Blood", I was left struggling to explain the turn by
> the "oil man" toward homicidal mania. I understood his irrational sense of
> being abandoned by his son and only companion when the nine or ten year old
> boy became deaf in an oil rig blowout. (But I am not sure that the director
> picked this up.) The elimination of social context, from whatever point of
> view, makes his subsequent actions incomprehensible.

totally context-free, to me the movie just crumbled to nothingness at 
its end.


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