[Marxism] Priceless Gore Vidal Interview

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Sun Jun 15 15:24:29 MDT 2008

Louis Posted:
Q: Do you read a lot of contemporary fiction these days?

A: Like  everyone else, no, I don't.

A brilliant riposte from a brilliant man. I had the privilege of meeting  him 
once at an antiwar demo in LA, I think in 2003, at which he spoke.  Erudite, 
profound, with a knowledge of history that would be hard to  beat, I've read 
his two collections of essays - United States and The Last  Empire. Both 
excellent. I've never read any of his fiction, but after watching a  BBC profile of 
him recently, where he spoke about Julian The Apostate  as the figure he most 
admires in history for his attempt to resist the  spread of Christianity, I 
went out and bought a secondhand copy.
One thing: wasn't he involved in writing the movie, Spartacus, at some  
stage? I know Dalton Trumbo is the credited writer of the movie, but I'm  sure I 
read that Gore Vidal was involved at some stage.
I think he must be one of the very few members of the  American establishment 
who truly believes in the constitution and the  republic. He strikes me as a 
man born in the wrong time. Both in  manner, bearing, and erudition, he would 
have been more suited to the patrician  class of ancient Rome. 


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