[Marxism] Cubans see hope for change in Obama

gary.maclennan at gmail.com gary.maclennan at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 20:54:32 MDT 2008

Hi Fred,

Welcome back.

One of the other real sources of hope is also that currently calitalism is
entering yet another brutal zero-sum phase or if you like recession/epic
recession/depression. At such a time even Fox and the Murdoch media will
find it difficult to mount ideological offensives against alternatives to
the :free market".

Here in Australia there are some signs that there is a  vague sort of faint
discontent growing around the government's refusal to use the huge (A$42bn)
surplus to raise living standards.  There is a much more explicit struggle
around the government's refusal/inability to do anything about petrol
prices. Prime Minister Rudd publicly stated that his government had "done
all it could" to help "working families".  In other words he told the
Australian people "that this is as good as it gets."  understandably there
was a negative reaction to this and Rudd had to scramble for cover.

Nevertheless currently Australia's economic supremo, Glenn Stevens the
Governor of the Reserve Bank, has committed himself to bringing on a
recession to bring down inflation.  That is of course the standard
neo-liberal response.  Even so he has been criticised by former Reserve Bank
members - Bob Gregory & Bernie Fraser- for concentrating too much on

So in this climate it is possible to pint out that Hugo Chavez uses the oil
surplus on schools and hospitals, while Australia puts its large surplus in
a so-called "future fund".  Whose future I wonder.



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