[Marxism] new settlements in Jerusalem

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Sun Jun 15 23:50:30 MDT 2008

Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski's  plan  for the  construction of  additional
40,000 residential units in Jeusalem was approved Sunday by the District
Planning and Building Committee. The plan includes construction in
neighborhoods over the territories occupied in 1967 including A-Tur,
Issawiyeh and Shuwafat .

"Jerusalem is not a settlement and construction in the capital will continue
with the aim of encouraging young [persons] to live there,"  announced
Lupolianski on Saturday"

In reality,  not only Jerusalem is a colonialist settlement but entire
Israel is a stolen land that belongs to the Palestinians, most of them are
still refugees who were expelled from their lands in 1948 by  at least 30
documented massacres.

The Zionists and their backers including the Stalinists'  justification for
  the partition and the establishment of the Israeli state was the Jewish
holocaust. In reality the Zionists like many other political forces most
importantly  the Social Democracy , the Stalinists and various centrists
that  struggled against the working class revolution, in the service of the
ruling class ,  that was possible in the in the period between the two world
wars are responsible for the Jewish holocaust.

The Jewish holocaust like many other holocausts beginning with the Armenians
at the end of the 19th century are part of the decay of capitalism.

Any one who understood the historical motion could understand already in
1937 that the Nazis were planning a huge massacre of the Jewish masses.
Trotsky for example predicted it.

However, the choice was between a socialist revolution and another world war
that will include the mass murder of the Jewish masses.  What decided the
destiny of the Jewish masses was the counter revolutionary politics of the
Socialists who crossed the line to serve the imperialists in 1914 ,
the  Communists
who crossed the same line in the early 1930s , the Anarchists and the
P.O.U.M  in Spain who blocked the working class revolution by the government
of class collaboration.  At the same time the  Stalinist social counter
revolution that liquidated the workers state and the Bolshevik party in
1936-9. These events –the defeat of the working class  opened the doors for
the WWII.

The Zionists were not concern with the destiny of the Jewish masses but with
their project of colonizing Palestine. For this they needed  some young Jews
and capital and the rest of the Jews for them were an historical dust. As a
matter of fact they not only collaborate with the Nazi regime  and the
"transfer" as well as the case of Kastner  acting on behalf of the Zionists
that cost the lives of half million Jews in Hungry  are clear evidence, but
they helped the imperialists in the US and Britain to close the doors in the
face of the Jews , as a Jew not useful for them in Palestine was considered
a non person.

The same political forces that  struggled against the workers revolution
before the Second world war continued to do so against the revolutionary
struggle following  WWII. The establishment of the Zionist state was one of
the outcomes of the defeat of the working class revolutionary struggle
following WWII.

The Israeli -Zionist state  whose role is to serve by military means  the
existing imperialist order in the region  is not the solution for the Jews  but
the biggest death trap since WWII. The Israelis are killing and dying  in
the service of maintain the rotten imperialist system. The Arab ruling class
do it as well but they are much weaker and face the opposition of the
masses. We see it very clearly in Egypt with the  struggles of the working
class in Egypt that clearly has a strong sympathy for the Palestinians
suffering from the repression of the Zionist state. The Palestinian heroic
struggle against the Zionist repression is no powerful enough to win by them
this struggle. However as part of an Arab working class revolution they can

The only solution for the Jews is the socialist revolution. The only thing
that will save the Israeli Jewish masses is joining the struggle of the Arab
working class revolution. The Jewish working class in Israel by itself
cannot struggle to overthrow the Zionist capitalist state  because  the
Israelis  including the Jewish workers are settler colonialists. The only
solution is a socialist revolution of the Arab working class.

For a Palestinian workers republic from the sea to the river, as part of the
socialist federation of the Middle East.

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