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For the Cuban working class and for the working class every where the worst
enemy is imperialism. Imperialism is not a policy of this or that
imperialist leader but a system of exploitation of the working class in the
age of the decay of capitalism that includes the super exploitation of the
working class in "third world countries". We can see very well what is
happing to the Chinese working class super exploited by the monopolies while
the state and government that still call themselves "communists" act as a
policeman for the big capital and repress the working class. All the reforms
in China result of the 1949 revolution are in the process of being wiped
out. Before China opened its gate to the foreign  imperialist  capital. at
least every one had a plate of rice.

Obama is leading an imperialist party  a clear enemy of the working class
and he will not act any differently from any other imperialist. The only
hope of the Cuban masses is not political illusions in the imperialists but
a revolutionary struggle. The fact that Cuba now is following the Chinese
road simply reflect the fact that stratified form of capitalism can turn
into private ownership under the same capitalist  state.

Writing from Israel a state that oppresses brutally the Palestinians with
the full backing of US imperialism, I watch very carefully the commitment of
Obma to the continuation of this horrible oppression. His commitment to
Israel is the same policy he has for the Cubans.

Thus, the only solution of the Cuban working class and the masses is to take
power in Cuba in a socialist revolution as part of the socialist revolution
of Latin America that today is the most advance region in the world.

The Cuban revolution of 1959 was not a workers revolution and only the
working class can liberate itself by overthrowing the capitalist state and
replace it with a workers state-a transition to a socialist society. The
Cuban revolution was a bourgeois democratic revolution that solved partly
the task of the democratic revolution. These reforms are now under attack.

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