[Marxism] Supreme Court's Gitmo ruling; rendition, torture continue

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The Supreme Court's Guantanamo Ruling:  What Does It Mean?
by Andy Worthington    June 14, 2008
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America's 'floating prisons' are not only illegal, but evidence of the
limitless scale of US detention policy

by Shayana Kadidal
Guardian, UK
June 5, 2008

This week the Guardian broke the news that an upcoming report from
<http://www.reprieve.org.uk/> – our counterparts across the pond in the
Guantánamo litigation – documents the use of as many as 17 American warships
as floating prisons<http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/jun/02/usa.humanrights>to
hold detainees in the "war on terror". The report apparently documents
not only descriptions of detentions at sea from released Guantánamo
detainees, most of whom presumably were held in the early days of the "war
on terror", but also more recent detentions on US warships, particularly in
the Horn of Africa, a current hot spot for disappearances carried out by the
US military and intelligence agencies. The report also claims that in the
last two years there have been several hundred
another practice thought to have ceased after President Bush declared
end to it in 2006.
. . .
I suppose a final lesson is that there is no limit to the number of
potential Guantánamos for the US to exploit. The US government currently
holds some 270 prisoners in Guantánamo, over 600 at Bagram in Afghanistan
and about 27,000 in Iraq. And much has been written about the possibility
that detainees were held in other insular enclaves like Diego
But the prospect of floating prisons – and of widespread renditions from
those ships to unknown places within Morocco, Egpyt, Jordan or elsewhere –
casts a special blanket of darkness over these practices. Some of what we
know about previous renditions of innocent men – Maher Arar, Khaled el Masri
– comes from flight records cobbled together by planespotters watching their
local airports. Even that bare thread will not be present for men
transferred from below decks on American warships to the secret prisons run
by torture regimes in totalitarian states. If this is the detention
of the future, it may well be one that produces no history, no disclosure of
abuses and no record of mistakes.

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