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S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 16 09:09:24 MDT 2008

Couple of things:

1. JB nailed it when he pointed out that the bougeoisie were expropriated, 
eliminated, expelled by the Cuban Revolution.

2. JB nailed it again when he pointed out the urban basis of the 26 July 

3. IF the Cuban Revolution was a bourgeois democratic revolution, IF the 
product of that bourgeois revolution was state capitalism, and IF the Cuban 
government/CP function as a class, then we better redo all of Marxism, and 
particularly Trotsky's work,  from the beginning, BECAUSE the 
meaning/definition/existence of class depends on a specific relation to the 
means of production.  That means only that CLASS can organize production and 
property on that basis.  And that MEANS, this new class, this new property 
form were/are necessary-- essential and inevitable-- to this specific 
organization of labor-- and then that MEANS we should be able to see that 
class forming, conducting its business, even if in embryonic form, within 
the confines of the old order.

 That would mean for example, that the Russian working class was not capable 
of seizing power and organizing the economy in 1917; that would mean that 
the Soviet bureaucracy was essential to the overthrow of the old order in 
Russia, essential in that it alone existed on a property basis superior to 
that of all other classes in Russia; that would mean a capitalist revolution 
was on the agenda in 1917 and the Bolsheviks were a proto-class practicing 
capitalist accumulation, even before the October, not to mention the defeat 
of the Left Opposition.

 So do we see this anywhere in Russian Revolution?  Do we see that inCuba? 
A new capitalist property form which must produce a new capitalist product?

4. Does anyone think state capitalism is necessary?  Does anyone think that 
it is inevitable?  Does anyone think it represents and advancement in the 
organization of production, in the expansion of productive resources beyond 
that possible based on a revolution that expropriates the bourgeoisie? 
BECAUSE that is the inevitable logic/illogic of Yossi's position. 

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