[Marxism] Human cost of Brazil's biofuels boom

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jun 16 09:22:00 MDT 2008

Walter Lippmann wrote:
> Perhaps I've been so dazzled by Brazilian developments
> one might wonder if I'd somehow concluded recently that
> a Workers State had been quietly snuckened into power 
> by the Workers Party in Brazil?

No more so than Venezuela is a workers state. But there have been no 
articles in the bourgeois press about workers living in virtual slavery 
in Venezuela. There have been articles in the NY Times and elsewhere 
about Hugo Chavez being a dictator that many of us, including me, have 
exposed as lies. Do you think it is a lie that some Brazilian workers 
are practically enslaved?

> Sitting right on my nose this morning as I contemplate
> these important intellectual joustings, are a pair of
> eyeglasses. I still think Brazil remains a capitalist
> country, just as it was before Lula and the party he
> leads, the Workers Party, took office to administer
> his country's capitalist state.

You should learn to be less repetitious. This is the same point you made 
in paragraph one. Honor the people's bandwidth, please.

> But let's continue to fret over those Brazilian workers.

Is that what we are doing? Fretting? What a peculiarly infelicitous 
term. Was Leon Trotsky "fretting" over Soviet workers in the 1930s? Is 
Ralph Nader "fretting" over American workers getting screwed? If so, I 
am all for fretting.

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