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Mon Jun 16 10:15:14 MDT 2008


For many years the same argument about the class nature of the USSR was very
common. The favorite argument was that there is no private capital as the
state had the ownership.

 Yet when the Stalinist regime collapsed in the early 1990s and East Europe
earlier  it came as a shock for all of the same people who argued that the
USSR was a socialist or at least a degenerated workers state. The same
bureaucracy simply replaced the form of ownership.

Since the 1917 revolution was a workers revolution when did the counter
revolution happened? In 1991? This is a reformist theory since the state was
not  over thrown by a counter revolution  at  that time. So was it a gradual
process? This runs against any elementary Marxism( see Lenin: state and

The same argument was raise for years  by  many regarding China  and today
you have to live somewhere else, outside this earth to believe it.

Was the Chinese revolution a socialist revolution? If you think so, when and
how did it change its class character? Or is this state a workers state?

What it seems to me the problem with your argument is that you assume that :

Not a revolutionary working class party  organizing the most  politically
advanced workers must lead the working class and this party can   be
substituted by Stalinists or left wing  third world nationalists.

Clearly in the case of China the social base of the Maoists was the
peasantry. Thus some other  class than the working class can replaced the
working class.

In Cuba during the guerrilla struggle in the mountains the Cuban Communist
party controlling the working class supported Batista and opposed Castro.
This was not a working class revolution.

You further must assume that capitalism at this epoch is still in the form
of "free" market and that that bureaucratic capitalists is not  ruling class
and that it  can substitute working class power.

Where are the Soviets in Cuba?

What  kind of   a  socialist state is Cuba?  when  the rate of exploitation
of the workers of Cuba that including social benefit  is higher than in
Argentina. Workers in Cuba  earn  much less than the working class in

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