[Marxism] Cubans see hope for change in Obama

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Mon Jun 16 14:12:12 MDT 2008

Eli writes:

"Eli and others have jumped on this statement as evidence that there's
for the Cubans to choose between McCain and Obama, and they fret about the
lingering illusions the poor Cubans have about the latter and the

I have done no such thing! It's AMERICANS who I believe have illusions about
Obama. I have NEVER SAID there is "nothing to choose" between McCain and
nor, as Walter charged, that they are "the same."


...CLEARLY there are
differences between the two, on both foreign policy and a whole host of
issues, both economic and "social" (abortion, gay rights, etc.)...People
like McCain think the best
way to overturn the Cuban Revolution is through the hardest possible
maybe even eventually involving military action (probably, in the short
not directed against Cuba but quite possibly against Venezuela). Likewise
Iran. Others, like Obama, think it can be done using more subversive
and the "civilized" method of economic warfare rather than military warfare.
Cubans, or the Iranians, may well prefer the latter, and that's certainly
right. *I* will not be party to choosing the method by which the U.S.
chooses to
dominate the world.
Thanks for clarifying, but the distinctions you draw above between the two
parties is rarely reflected in your posts, so can lead to misunderstanding
of your position.

Also, insisting that these distinctions can crucially affect the security
interests of the anti-imperialist states and movements, and the domestic
interests of US workers, does not mean "being party to choosing the method 
which the US chooses to dominate the world". I don't think you meant to
imply it, but no one, even compulsive gadflys like our Ruthless Critic, has
given any indication of supporting US imperialism, which would justify their
removal from the list.

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