[Marxism] Cubans see hope for change in Obama

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 16:42:06 MDT 2008

Eli claims, about Obama and the blockade on Cuba, and a Reuters report
that he had vowed to "ease" it:

For (probably not) the last time: OBAMA HAS NOT VOWED ANY SUCH THING!!! Indeed
he has vowed exactly the opposite - to CONTINUE the "embargo" (blockade) until
the Cubans "change" in ways to our (his) liking.

*  *  *

FWIW, Eli's anti-Obama zeal gets the better of him here. Obama has
promised to relax the restrictions on Cubans in the U.S. visiting
relatives, which is part of the blockade. You may think this is just a
token gesture, but actually for Cuba it probably means several tens of
thousands of visitors a year and a not insignificant amount of foreign
currency earnings.

This certainly counts as an "easing."


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