[Marxism] Cubans see hope for change in Obama

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 16 15:37:54 MDT 2008

Marv: "Thanks for clarifying, but the distinctions you draw above between the 
two parties is rarely reflected in your posts, so can lead to misunderstanding
of your position."

There's a good reason for that, Marv. It's because I don't think anyone, 
including those people on this list, has any misconceptions or misinformation 
about McCain. With Obama, on the other hand, there are CONSIDERABLE 
misconceptions and even misinformation, such as the one I cited in a recent post 
(the one which started this particular conversation between us) with a Reuters 
reporter referring to Obama's nonexistent "vows to ease the 46-year-old U.S. 
trade embargo against Cuba..."

Various people want to tell us (me) "how to talk to Obama supporters" so as not 
to alienate them. And I certainly agree that just talking in abstract terms 
about the "twin parties of imperialism" isn't the best approach. I prefer 
starting with CONCRETE FACTS. Making sure people KNOW what Obama said in Miami 
to CANF, or what he said in Washington to AIPAC, or what he said in a TV 
interview about what he's looking for in a Vice-President, or that his written 
platform calls for a larger military and sending more troops to Afghanistan, and 
so on. I'll let people make up their own minds about what to DO with that 
information; I doubt there's much I can do to persuade them in that way. What I 
CAN do is make sure they aren't making up their minds based on incomplete or 
inaccurate information, as all too many people are doing.

It's difficult enough to convince someone that the lesser of two evils is still 
evil. But it's impossible to do so if they think there is only one evil.

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