[Marxism] Ireland rejects the European Union

David Picón Álvarez david at miradoiro.com
Mon Jun 16 17:24:30 MDT 2008

From: "Einde O'Callaghan" <einde at gmx.de>
> These may have played a role - but there were many other factors, e.g.,
> the greater centralisation, the decrease of the influence of the smaller
> cou tries, the threat to Irish neutrality through the creation of a
> common defence and security policy, the commitment to neo-liberal
> policies - particularly privatisation - and many more.

Some of those are either good things or not really true. For instance the 
loss of weight of smaller countries is a democratic measure. It's not that 
big given the dual rule for qualified majorities anyway. As to the common 
defence and security policy, it wouldn't threaten Irish neutrality unless an 
EU member state were invaded, at which point one should wonder if Ireland 
should remain neutral.

> The "improvements" are largely cosmetic. While it is true that a
> petition signed by a million (IIRC) EU citizens would have meant that
> the Commission had to consider an issue, the ultimate decision would
> still lie with the Commission (this is hardly democratic, in any sense
> of the word).

I agree the petition power is pretty useless. I was mostly thinking of two 
other changes: the increased role of national parliaments in the EU 
legislative process, and the increase weight of the European Parliament 
itself. Those are democratic improvements.

> The decision was a good one for democracy in the Europe.

I am unconvinced.


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