[Marxism] Cubans see hope for change in Obama

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 22:20:18 MDT 2008

2008/6/16, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com>:
> Walter Lippmann wrote:
> > It's is our old friend, Red Baiting, whom
> > we haven't seen for a little while here on
> > Marxmail. It's the old crap revived again.
> >
> Walter, I am not trying to get you fired from your job or excluded from
> the mass movement. I am simply trying to describe your politics, a task
> I admit that sometimes give me the feeling of trying to nail jello to a
> wall.

I and my comrades in Israel of the ISL  have nothing to do with the SWP/ISO
Most importantly we do not like the fact they can not build a revolutionary
world party of. Please do not jump into conclusions. As a matter of fact We
do not agree with their analysis of the former USSR because their argument
is that the law of value operating there as result of external pressures-the
arm race and not as internal to the system, I do not like their way they try
to replace the struggle to build a revolutionary working class by political
blocks, I do not like the fact they ran for the MDC in Zimbabwe and many
other aspects of their work. They refused in the 1950s to defend North Korea
against US imperialism, before they became "Leninists" they use to praise
Rosa attacks on Lenin concept of the vanguard party. They revised Lenin
analysis on imperialism.

This has nothing to do with the fact that when I was living in Canada in
exile I was 5 times in Cuba and I understand that Cuba is a capitalist

 As for Woods. His official line that Cuba is a deformed workers state. Was
he was serious about this claim it means the need to build a revolutionary
working class party and lead a political revolution. In reality, their
politics is in opposite to this "analysis". They give political support to
the bureaucracy. Lately he went as far as to compare Che to Rosa Luxemburg.
Che was never a working class revolutionary but a middle class revolutionary
and a Stalinist who was seeking peasant's base revolution. We do not like
all their tailing of Chavez whom they want to push to the left rather than
building a working class revolutionary party to lead a socialist revolution.
In our option Chaves who runs a capitalist state for 10 years is a populist
using some time "socialist " rhetoric. His line in Venezuela is the same as
in Cuba.


 We do no like their line of building a reformist labor party in the US. We
do not like the fact that they characterized states like Syria, Ethiopia,
Burma as workers states. We do not like his line on Ireland and we do not
appreciate his book Reason in revolt that in spite of the claim that he only
criticizes the failure of bourgeois scientists to use dialectical
materialism it is truly an attempt to force his scheme of dialectics on
science. This is really a form of idealism.

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