[Marxism] Socialist Alliance: Nationalise big oil, enemy of people and planet

Peter Boyle peterb at greenleft.org.au
Mon Jun 16 22:49:17 MDT 2008

By Dick Nichols
The latest surge in the spot price of crude oil (to $US139 a barrel—87.4 
cents a litre) dramatises the urgent need for our society to wean itself 
off dependence on “black gold”. The longer we remain hooked the greater 
the devastation both to our environment and to the living standards of 
millions, especially the poorest peoples of the planet. A socialist 
response must combine defence against the threat to livelihoods from oil 
price rises with a plan to restructure economies and ways of living so 
that oil-intensive production and transport becomes a thing of the past.

More: http://www.socialist-alliance.org/page.php?page=758

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