[Marxism] Obama Calls for More Responsibility From Black Fathers

Lajany Otum lajany_otum at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 17 06:28:35 MDT 2008


I have also heard it argued that within "black culture", not only is there a 
high tolerance for father's being imprisoned, but it is positively encouraged. 
Indeed, incarceration and working in chain gangs is considered a right 
of passage among black fathers. This is a legacy of the expectations instilled
within black men during slavery that persist within "black culture" today, 
and explains the high incarceration rate of blacks in the USA even now --
notwithstanding the politically correct attempts by some of the vulgar
Marxists (you know who you are) on this list and elsewhere to muddy the 

Lajany Otum

Sayan Bhattacharyya (aka toothless) writes:

> Also, please let us not be politically correct and ignore the fact
> that cultural factors do play a role. I have often heard it argued
> that the disruption of family which was routine in slavery led to a
> diminished expectation, within black culture for black fathers, and
> higher cultural tolerance for the father being "absent". This seems at
> least reasonable to me. This is not "blaming the victim", but
> acknowledging the historico-cultural  roots/reasons for a cultural
> tragedy.
> To ascribe all causality for  everything *mechanically* to economics
> is vulgar-marxism.
> --RC.

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