[Marxism] Chavez: Cuba and Venezuela Advance

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June 17, 2008

Chavez: Cuba and Venezuela Advance


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Monday that the revolutions in
Cuba and his country continue to advance successfully, and declared
that they would not be stopped by US imperialism.

Upon his arrival to Havana for a working visit with top Cuban
leaders, Chavez said that the Cuban revolution will soon turn 50 and
Venezuela's Bolivarian revolution 10, independent of US attempts to
crush them.

Chavez spoke extensively with the press after his welcoming by Vice
President Carlos Lage and Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque.

How beautiful to be in Havana were his first words at the Jose Marti
International Airport and he recalled that on the same day, in 1954,
a coup took place against Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz.

Wearing an olive green jacket, black pants and red T-shirt, the
Venezuelan leader recalled that during the coup Che was in Guatemala,
Fidel Castro was in prison after the attack on the Moncada Garrison,
and he was about to be born.

That's what the revolutions in Latin Amercia have been like, they are
all one, they had their beginning in Simon Bolivar and Jose Marti,
and continued with Fidel and Che
Fidel is the father of Latin
American revolutionaries and all revolutionaries, said Chavez.

Chavez noted that this is his second visit to Cuba this year and that
he came to revise the state of bilateral relations and discuss the
world situation with Raul, Fidel and the top Cuban leadership.

I received a note from Fidel a few days ago in which he referred to
the world's worsening energy, food and financial crisis. He also
wrote about the growing poverty, hunger and other critical situations
created by climate change and other threats, said Chavez.

Fidel calls this situation the mother of the crisis and summarizes it
as a crisis of ideas, of governments, of the model, of capitalism in
general; and we will talk about all that, said Chavez.

He added that the situation in Latin America and the Caribbean would
be a priority topic and in particular, a revision of the joint
ventures and the relations established under the Bolivarian
Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) founded by the two countries.

We will look at the subject of the oil refineries, food production,
sciences, biotechnology, medicine and other matters in which we are
advancing, he said.

Chavez noted that the ALBA Bank is a very important matter to discuss
and how all the money can be put to use in ways that benefit both
country's peoples and others of Latin America.

He left open the possibility for new ways of integration, principally
in the area of food production, as well as other initiatives.

Chavez said there is an ongoing initiative, that a revolution always
implies new initiatives and a revolution is creativity. He then
referred to a new social program in his country called Los Niños and
Niñas en el Barrio (The barrio kids), which he presented last Sunday
on his Alo Presidente radio and TV program.

When asked by reporters about the possibility of the installation of
a US military base in Colombia, Chavez said the Bush administration
has an imperialist strategy that never ceases to threaten the peoples
of the continent.

He explained that there are US planes, ships and troops in a base in
Curacao, as well as in Manta, Ecuador, but insisted that whatever
their initiatives they will be defeated.

We are celebrating a half century of the Cuban revolution,
celebrating the growth and expansion of this process, he said.

The Venezuelan president said he had spoken with a group of Cuban
doctors on Fathers Day and that they spoke about the difficult
moments the Special Period (following the collapse of the Socialist

It was a heroic resistance, said Chavez, recalling what he saw on his
first visit to Havana in 1994. You had to have seen it to understand
it, he noted.

After having emerged from that dark period, Cuba is clearly on the
rise, politically, economically and socially, said Chavez.

Fidel is very much alive, making headway from his post as a soldier
of ideas; Raul is in charge and the Cuba people are working, creating
and moving forward, he said.

Chavez said the Venezuelan revolution is in the same situation,
"Waving banners and beating the drums," after having suffered a coup,
an oil industry strike and other aggressions and attempts by the US
and its lackeys to defeat it.

Chavez assured that in the regional elections in November, the
Unified Socialist Party (PSUV) will deal a hard defeat to the
opposition and he mentioned recent polls showing the PSUV with over
40 percent citizen support.

It's truly remarkable that a Party that was founded so recently has
so much support, said Chavez.

The president said that the Venezuelan people appreciate and enjoy
the achievements of the revolutionary process in all sectors and
spheres of the economy and society. As an example he noted that more
than 100 Venezuelan athletes would be representing the country at the
Beijing Olympic Games in August.

Despite all the wealth of the country, past governments would send
delegations of only 20, 30, or 40 athletes and now for Beijing the
list is already 105, he said.

Chavez said the difference is the fruit of the efforts of his people,
the considerable attention the government has dedicated to sports,
the investment in human capital, the development of strategic plans
and especially the generous help of hundreds of Cuban trainers.

What would the Venezuelan revolution be if there hadn't been a Cuban
revolution, he asked the journalists, noting that the process in his
country has been fed by the experience, generosity and spirit built
by Fidel and the Cuban people.

Chavez said Venezuela's Bolivarian revolution is strengthening its
political, economic and social structures, and its ideas and the
unity of all forces. He highlighted how the army and other branches
of the armed forces have been carrying out military maneuvers and
exercises with good success.

Chavez concluded by saying he would be giving Fidel Castro a special
greeting on behalf of his people. (ACN)


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