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We are avery small prpoganda group

2008/6/17, Jscotlive at aol.com <Jscotlive at aol.com>:
> Yossi:
> I and my comrades in Israel
> Reply:
> Yossi, what are you and your comrades in Israel currently doing in
> solidarity with the Palestinians? What is your analysis of Zionism?
> What is the state of anti-Zionist forces within Israel at present?
> J
> We are a small group intervening in some specific political events with out
> leaflets. For example t break the siege of Gaza.
> Our positions i n short is  that the occupation did not begin in 1967 but
> that all Israel is a stolen land and the solution is one Palestinian workers
> state from the river to the sea in the framework of a socialist federation
> of the Middle East. We do not call of course to expel the Israeli Jews, but
> we support the right of self determination ony of oppressed people-namely
> the Palestinians.
> Even though we do not blame the Israeli  workers and poor for the crimes of
> the Zionist ruling class back by the imperialist states we do not recognize
> the right of the Israeli  population for  a separate state. Israel is an
> imperialist states established by settler colonialists and in any military
> clash between Israel or other imperialist states against an arab state like
> durirng the war of Lebanon we call for the military defense of the Arab side
> unless it s controlled by other imperialist state.
> Thus we called on the working class in the world to defend Lebanon and thus
> Hezbollah  in the last  war and defense of Hamas against Israel or Abu Mazen
> backed by Israel.
> At the same time we do not give these rulers or leaders any political
> support.
> We a site in Hebrew and we in the process of opening one in English.
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