[Marxism] Just introducing myself

W. Galusso wgalusso at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 17 10:17:12 MDT 2008

Not only a broad field, but also several  marxisms. For some of them there is no contradiction to be a "marxist thinker" and to "seek to promote the interest of the working class". In fact I find difficult to imagine a "marxist thinker" that don not try to promote the historical interests of the working class: theory and praxis should not be divorced (according to my understanding of  a marxist perspective)
However, as in all "ideologies" there are several schools och inside them several opinions!


I'd suggest, however, that you make a kinda existential decision: are
you primarily a Marxist thinker or are you primarily seeking to
promote the interests of the working class?

These are not, I believe, the same thing. 


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