[Marxism] Obama Calls for More Responsibility From Black Fathers

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Tue Jun 17 12:49:04 MDT 2008

On 6/17/08 5:28 AM, "Lajany Otum" <lajany_otum at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Toothless:
> I have also heard it argued that within "black culture", not only is there a
> high tolerance for father's being imprisoned, but it is positively encouraged.
> Indeed, incarceration and working in chain gangs is considered a right
> of passage among black fathers. This is a legacy of the expectations instilled
> within black men during slavery that persist within "black culture" today,
> and explains the high incarceration rate of blacks in the USA even now --
> notwithstanding the politically correct attempts by some of the vulgar
> Marxists (you know who you are) on this list and elsewhere to muddy the
> waters. 
> Lajany Otum

First of all, there are plenty of white, single-mother families around who
are also not getting child-support from the white fathers of their children,
but they do not make the news. But the evidence is profoundly overwhelming
that high incarceration rates of Black, and other non-white men and,
increasingly, women, is due to the profoundly racist, capitalist system that
has intentionally targeted young men of color, especially--and all poor
people--men, women, white or of color across this country. It's called the
"criminalization of the poor!"

The whole point is that it is undeniable--check the stats yourself--that
drug use is equally distributed among all ethnicities and classes yet the
justice system only seems to incarcerate those among the lowest economic
rungs of existence who, undisputedly, are predominantly non-white and
piss-poor. Then, once you have been convicted of a "crime" and served your
"time" you come out of jail virtually unemployable--especially if you have a
felony record. (Here do I have to remind Marxists of the unjust prosecution
of crack cocaine as a felony and powder cocaine--preferred by upscale
whites--as a misdemeanor?)

And, after spending time incarcerated--if you owe back child support which
you certainly will by the time you get out, and plenty of it--it's likely
your driver's license has been taken away from you and, if you do manage to
get a job, your wages will be garnished to pay back the past child support
accumulated while incarcerated, in addition to your maintaining current
payments--many times as a prerequisite to parole or probation!

To add to this reality, those incarcerated are no longer able to seek an
education beyond a high school equivalency certificate. And drug
rehabilitation? No Betty Ford's for them! The drug rehabilitation both
inside and outside of jails and prisons has been cut drastically and are
basically nonexistent for the kind of in-house, intense counseling and
education and training necessary to get these victims of drug addiction well
and functioning so they can contribute to their own welfare as well as that
of their children.

And what kind of society punishes children because they have parents that
are sick and have been beaten down by racism, poverty and injustice?

Capitalism is that kind of society and U.S. Capitalism leads the pack!

Blaming absent fathers for the poverty, oppression, exploitation and all out
war against the poor as is being carried out by U.S. Imperialism and their
cronies is unconscionable!

As Malcolm X intimated in his speech, "The oppressed are shaking off the
shackles," Malcolm X, December 3, 1964, "When the people who are in power
want to use-‹again, create an image to justify something that's bad, they
use the press, and they'll use the press to create a humanitarian image for
a devil, or a devil image for a humanitarian. They'll take a person who's
the victim of the crime and make it appear he's the criminal, and they'll
take the criminal and make it appear that he's the victim of the crime."

The real criminal is capitalism. The victim are all working people the world


Bonnie Weinstein, socialistviewpoint.org

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