[Marxism] Anti child 'porn' measure is really NewsGroup censorship

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 13:13:35 MDT 2008

Haines writes, about a suspicious outage of a web site: "Can anyone
suggest an ISP that does not block sites? Is there a mirror
for the Tehran Times?"

What you need to use to see whether your ISP is blocking that web site
(or vice-versa!) is something called a proxy server. You access the
site through the proxy's internet address. The site you visit sees,
not your IP address, but that of the proxy.

There are a number of free and also commercial proxy servers. In
addition, people associated with the Pirate Party and Pirate Bureau
(i.e., the Pirate Bay supporters) in Sweden were offering a few months
ago for a few euros a month a complete anonymizing service that lets
you use all internet apps/services with a higher degree of anonymity
than is normally possible.

The story was, if I remember right, that in Sweden to get a
subscriber's name a civil complaint won't do: a formal charge of a
serious crime carrying a couple of years of jail time is needed, and
mere copyright infringement (for example) doesn't cut it. My
impression is that Sweden isn't a major exporter of socalled
"intellectual property," hence takes roughly the same attitude as the
U.S. used to when it was similarly situated a  century of more ago,
and you could not, as a foreigner, get a copyright in this country
without coming here and filing for it yourself, and if you sold your
books imported from another country on any scale you automatically
forfeited your copyright; Thus the story seems to make sense to me:
the Swedish bourgeois state has, among its interests, reducing to a
minimum the tribute the country is forced to pay to foreign
Intellectual Property monopolists.

BTW, one of several brawls now ongoing between Evo Morales and that
miserable imperialist stooge Alan Garcia is Garcia's attempt to impose
of the Andean community the imperialist "intellectual property"
monopoly protections Peru accepted as part of its free trade agreement
with the U.S.


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