[Marxism] Sinn Fein Close The Circle

Jscotlive at aol.com Jscotlive at aol.com
Tue Jun 17 13:32:06 MDT 2008

Yesterday, on the BBC news, the degeneration of Sinn Fein was laid bare.  
George W Bush was in Belfast on the final leg of his 'European Tour'. The final  
insult to the untold millions who have died, been maimed, dispossessed,  
traumatised, and continue to suffer as a result of this  scumbag's presidency, was 
the description of Bush's European visit as a  'farewell tour' by news 
commentators, as if he were the Rolling Stones or Bruce  Springsteen playing to 
thousands of adoring fans 
Anyway, he visited Stormont, the seat of political power, imperial power  
more correctly, in the Six Counties, and there was ex-IRA commander and now  
Deputy Minister in the Northern Ireland Executive, Martin McGuinness, shaking  
hands and joking with this war criminal like old buddies meeting up for a good  
ole cookout.
Is this what hundreds of men and women volunteers sacrificed their lives  and 
liberty for in a struggle for national liberation lasting 30 years? Bobby  
Sands and the other hunger strikers must be turning in their graves  tonight.


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