[Marxism] Obama Calls for More Responsibility From Black Fathers

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 17 13:51:50 MDT 2008

Bonnie W.: But the evidence is profoundly overwhelming
that high incarceration rates of Black, and other non-white men and,
increasingly, women, is due to the profoundly racist, capitalist system that
has intentionally targeted young men of color, especially--and all poor
people--men, women, white or of color across this country. It's called the
"criminalization of the poor!"

I just want to emphasize what Bonnie said, fitting in with what I wrote earlier. 
Obama had lots of space in his speech for statistics, but the kinds of 
statistics that Bonnie refers to, and that I noted, which are at the core of the 
problem...went completely unmentioned. I consider that quite telling...telling 
us where Obama is "coming from," and, most likely, where he's going as President.

In the latest Obama news, today he's talking about corporate tax cuts.

The i’m Talkathon starts 6/24/08.  For now, give amongst yourselves.

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