[Marxism] Baseball and capitalism

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FWIW, I had the great pleasure of throwing Jeff Wilpon off railroad property 
when he was trying to bulldoze through the construction of the Bear Stearns 
building (another miserable link in the chain of financial and real estate 
capitalism) at 383 Madison.

He made the mistake of trying to tell me that he was going to put his 
support columns where he wanted to, and where he wanted to was right through 
tracks 38 thru 42 in Grand Central Terminal, and I was going to have to find 
somewhere else to "run your trains."

In front of the MTA lawyers and board members at the meeting, I had the fun 
of telling Wilpon that the meeting was over, to get off the property, and if 
he came back I would have him arrested.

He changed his tune in a hurry.  The building was built, but on the 
railroad's terms; we lost no tracks, and the real-estate group paid us 
millions of dollars for temporary and restricted access to the terminal to 
expedite production.

You want to make a revolution?  First kill all the landlords.

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