[Marxism] Tim Russert died for our sins! A plot is born!

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 16:02:33 MDT 2008

My dear fellow, the most disturbing thing about this email is that you
got it. :-)

Only fair that I come clean, too, though.  Periodically, I get bizarre
things from an old school friend who became an active Republican
during the Reagan years mostly over the national self-esteem issues.
That and the seculiar humanist conspiracy to re-crucificy Jesus.
Episodically, as I say, he shares with me the sort of emails
Republican loyalists exchange with each other.  Warnings that Jane
Fonda is trying to promote mandatory gay marriage.

On one level, these are good reminders as to the level on which we're
trying to operate.

Btw, the DAILY SHOW did a good little piece on the substitute teacher
who lost his job in Florida because he did a magic trick for his
students, which led to complaints that he was teaching wizardry.  Easy
to laugh off such stupidities, but these are the things that actually
shape (and warp) the lives of real people around us.

Finally, it is absurd...simply absurd...that the Illuminati have any
power in government whatsoever.  If that were the case, those of us in
the Areopagus would have been informed upon giving the secret


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