[Marxism] Sinn Fein Close The Circle

gary.maclennan at gmail.com gary.maclennan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 18:33:28 MDT 2008

Hi Bhaskar,

I really do not want to get into a slogging match over the characterization
of Orwell.  There is much that I admire about him, not least the
Orwell of *Homage
to Catalonia*, but there is also the Orwell who used his last reserves of
physical energy to dob in the Left to the British Security State. Let me be
blunt about this - Orwell ended up as a spy for the Right.

Of course what was at work here were the dialectics of anti-Stalinism, but
really there is a whole history of how anti-Stalinism can be a conduit to
the Right. Fors instance  I have recently been involved here in sunny
Brisbane in a debate with Greens' leader Drew Hutton over his endorsement of
the politics of the Polish dissident Adam Michnik.  The latter went from
courageous opposition to Stalinism to endorsement of the war on Iraq all in
the name of "anti-totalitarianism".

Having said that about Orwell, let me put the proposition that only Mario
Puzo had as clear an understanding of power at the micro-level.



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