[Marxism] McKinney, Glick, Browder

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 20:59:26 MDT 2008

Actually, I'm close enough to both efforts to say that Nader's in
vastly better shape in terms of numbers, volunteers, organizations,
and legal reserves.  Not great shape, but far, far bette than the

The GPUS showed great promise in 2000 but has squandered more and more
of its potential in each successive election.

But my point here isn't to persuade those who've decided to see
McKinney as a kind of American Chavez (?) or something.  After all, I
really do wish they were right.  I just don't think that it's wise to
put all our eggs into one basket, because it surely hasn't worked in
the past.

Rather, I only want to point out some things they might want to watch
out for to engage in an ongoing assessment of what their intervention
into the election means.


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