[Marxism] McKinney, Glick, Browder

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 19:12:34 MDT 2008

A couple of points I'd like to add to this. I have discussed this on
other lists, and I can't recall whether I did so here.

1. Cynthia McKinney if a perfectly supportable candidate, as is Fred,
Walter, Louis or me.  The question is whether or not she SHOULD be
turns heavily on whether she actually represents an incipient black
insurgency, as David, Fred, Walter and many others assert. From the
perspective of Cincinnati's black community, she definately does not.
I talk politics to my neighbors all the time and I'm the only one who
actually knows who she is.

Now, I'm perfectly willing to see whether that's a peculiarity if the
upcoming GPUS convention looks very differnt.  Certainly, it's making
every effort through "diversity vouchers" to subsidize the
particpation of any interested supporters.  We'll see.

2. The GPUS leaders who really pushed the McKinney nomination backed
away when Nader decided to withdraw from the race for the GPUS
nomination.  The conclusion many Greens came to is that her leading
supporters in the GPUS leadership were more interested in cutting off
a Nader nomination rather than nominating someone else.  Regardless of
the motives, the toning down of the GPUS drive for McKinney has been
noticeable to those close enough to watch it..

3. If nominated, McKinney will have won with less votes from GPUS
members than Nader got, even though he wasn't even technically running
and was undemocratically excluded from the Green primaries in a number
of states.  It is quite unlikely that McKinney and her supporters are
going to be able to mobilize the membership of the GPUS for this, many
of whom feel cheated and frustrated by a process designed to thwart a
unified progressive third party effort.

4. Support for the McKinney campaign is not likely to change with the
Obama nomination.  In fact, the pressure to support Obama is going to
be massively greater than to support Kerry.  McKinney noisiest
supporters here are the same folks who clamored for David Cobb in
2004--and who trickled off once they had undercut a Nader
nomination--in order to support Kerry.  This time, as I say, I'm
certain that they'll ultimately find Obama irresistible.

All of this said, I see no reason to get personal with anyone who
decides they want to support McKinney and I find it astonishing that
anyone would do so with someone who declines to support her.  I find
it particularly astonishing to hear this from people who declined to
support the Peace and Freedom Party campaign in 1968, which was, after
all, much closer to an ongoing social movement (and to black
nationalism) than will be the McKinney campaign under the best of

Finally, I am still hoping against hope that something might happen to
repair the break between Nader's forces and the various currents
behind McKinney.  The former have much better resources, more
volunteer activitsts, and functioning plans to get ballot status in
more states.  They belone on a common platform and it's simple a
radical version of Bush-stupid to glory in self-righteousness over
what is a terrible weakness on the part of the Left.


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