[Marxism] Sweden's new wiretapping law 'much worse that the Stasi'

Joonas Laine jjonas at nic.fi
Wed Jun 18 07:37:48 MDT 2008

Joaquín Bustelo wrote:
> The story was, if I remember right, that in Sweden to get a
> subscriber's name a civil complaint won't do: a formal charge of a
> serious crime carrying a couple of years of jail time is needed, and
> mere copyright infringement (for example) doesn't cut it. My
> impression is that Sweden isn't a major exporter of socalled
> "intellectual property," hence takes roughly the same attitude as the
> U.S. used to when it was similarly situated a  century of more ago,

Apropos Sweden and communications, here's a piece of news. The law in
question was sent back today for reconsideration and fine-tuning before
the parliament votes on whether to accept or reject it. (in Swedish:

Sweden's new wiretapping law 'much worse than the Stasi'
Published: 10 Jun 08 11:52 CET

On June 17th the Swedish parliament is set to vote on the introduction
of a new "signal surveillance" law.

What the law means is that all telephone and internet operators will be
forced to attach a large cable to the state's supercomputer, where the
state will be able to keep a record of everything said in telephone
conversations, surfed on the web or written on the internet.

The law can best be described by the more explanatory term "general
surveillance". Instead of just criminal suspects having their phones
tapped, now everyone will be tapped via their phones, emails, web
surfing, faxes etc.

But the state won't keep a record of everything. First it will scan all
phone calls, emails and so on, in real time. Anything that is
"considered interesting" on the basis of 250,000 search criteria, will
be saved for further investigation.

The rest at http://www.thelocal.se/12334/20080610/

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