[Marxism] US indigenous tribe Pebenscot struggle, with Venezuelan help

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Jun 18 13:42:37 MDT 2008

Stuart Munckton wrote:
> Since then, the Penobscots have put much effort into campaigns to save their
> natural environment from further devastation. We viewed a video of their
> struggle to save the river on which they live — a river that is the heart of
> their culture. The once-rich river fishery has been devastated by a system
> of dams, which block spawning runs, and by pulp mills, which poison the
> water.

i used to lead canoe trips down the Penobscot in the mid 60's. gorgeous 
country back then, for the most part, but occasionally we'd see pulp 
mills on isolated stretches of the river.

International Paper Company:
> The Penobscots were recently successful, in alliance with other forces, in
> blocking a proposal for a harmful new dam. The alliance has secured an
> agreement for river restoration, which has, however, not been implemented.
> The Penobscots have demanded that the Maine state government force pulp
> mills to remove the poisons from their discharges into the river, pointing
> out that technology is readily available for such an upgrade.

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