[Marxism] McKinney, Glick, Browder

Linda Jansen jansen.l12 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 14:11:51 MDT 2008

Mark Lause says (and I agree):  "The key is making a difference."

I think the biggest difference we can make is to support Cindy Sheehan's run
against Nancy Pelosi.  There are various ways to do this; certainly funding
will help. Just talking about the campaign will help, since NPR, and even
KPFA, etc. are ignoring it so far in coverage I have heard.  If possible, I
am going to travel to SF (from Washington state) later in the summer to be a
foot-soldier for Sheehan's campaign.  CindyforCongress.org

This campaign can strike a blow for both the antiwar "movement" and
candidacies independent of the corporate parties.  Showing the Democrats and
their followers that a candidate who actually stands firm against corporate
war-mongering, etc. can actually give them a run for their money (literally)
would be making a BIG difference in the political calculus of this country.
Being a microcosm of the national campaigns (Nader and McKinney), this one
gives us a chance to focus our resources.

If we must get entangled in electoralism, let's do it where it counts.
Pelosi, who was on NPR this morning, voicing her "antiwar" disappointments
again, is a target worthy of our efforts.


Power concedes nothing without a demand--Frederick Douglass
Make the demand!

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