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Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 18 14:18:48 MDT 2008

Neither Mark nor Eli Stephens will find my responses on Obama to 
satisfy THEM since they put an equals sign between the two main
bourgeois candidates for president of the United States and I'm
not in agreement with that approach. In the United States, the
racist abuse toward Blacks is at the very foundation of the US
political, social, intellectual and moral culture of the country.

When a group which has been so thoroughly reviled for so many
centuries, this is significant, historically significant, and
to fail to see this significance, regardless of whether the
blind person is white, as those on Marxmail are, or Black as
those on the Black Commentator are, makes little difference.

It's not the color of the commentator which is decisive, it's
the clarity or obscurity of their political vision which is 
at question here. I hope Obama gets the nomination, isn't
assassinated, and wins the election. This campaign demonstrates
very well how support for the notion that electing a better
individual person into the government can bring about some
kind of important change in the country continues to be just
as strong as it has been in my lifetime. That's the illusion
which must be gotten past in order to begin a better kind of
politics, one based on a fundamentally alternative social

Mark can't grasp why a Black person being nominated - IF HE IS
as it ain't over till it's over - to be the candidate of one of
the two main parties is signficance because, like many people,
the class nature of the Democratic Party trumps everything and
that ends any possibility of discussion. 

As to Marvin's comments: I do not support Obama, but McKinney,
despite her campaign not really consisting of much more than a
series of releases, most of which seem to come from a rather
narrow corner of the political spectrum. I like to think that
McKinney could possibly provide the basis for the beginning of
another kind of politics. That's why I hope she gets the PFP
nomination, as I don't hold the Greens in high regard.

Racial blindness is a deadly flaw in U.S. politics.

Walter Lippmann
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
p.s., I'm also pleased with Cindy Sheehan's efforts, and have
given her campaign a bit of money as well as sending out some
of her statements. She's not black, but she also represents
heard-and-soul struggle against the war, not just a liberal
kind of warmed-over reformism.


Mark Lause writes:

> I've asked Walter directly what he means and gotton no satisfactory
> response from him.  I find Fred's discussions of the campaign no less
> enigmatic.
> What do they mean by repeated comments that the nomination of a black
> presidential candidate by a major party injects something new into the
> electoral equation?  And assetions about the shortcomings of those of
> us who don't "acknowledge" this?   Frankly, I think a serious,
> straightforward argument about the merits of supporting Obama would be
> more useful.
> There are undeniable problems with independent political action this
> time...

I don't think it's possible to square this circle, and while I applaud the
support of Fred, Walter and Joaquin for the Obama campaign, they appear to
be trying, each in their own way, to justify such support with recourse to
the old principles derived from different political circumstances. That's
why I think their formulations sound vague and enigmatic and not very useful
to Mark, Louis, and others on the list who, subscribing to the same (now
wholly abstract) principle of "class independence", seek to clearly
differentiate themselves both from the Obama campaign and from the mass
liberal/sd parties in general. But I'll be interested in finding out if the
positions on either or both sides are more nuanced than I'm understanding
them to be.

     Los Angeles, California
     Editor-in-Chief, CubaNews
     "Cuba - Un Paraíso bajo el bloqueo"

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