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If the revolutionary government can expropriate the bourgeoisie, expel 
international capital, then it certainly can create soviets, workers 
militias, etc. etc without "tainting" the authenticity of those organs of 
power.  The government could not have expropriated the bourgeoisie, or 
expelled international capital without a popular, and class  based, 
mobilization.  So why not soviets?

If the enduring power of the Russian Revolution 1917-1991 was capable of 
introducing a new organization of property, and if that organization, 
despite its enormous deformities due to uneven development, was adapted by 
revolutions in China, Cuba, etc.  then why could not an "advanced" political 
organization of the revolution be introduced by a revolutionary leadership? 
If there's nothing to say that all revolutions will look like the Russian 
Revolution, then there is nothing to say that all soviets must be 
spontaneous self-organizations of the workers.

The obstactle to that advanced political organization is not, or is not 
simply, the ideological orientation or flaws of the leadership in those 
countries, but in large part the restricted technical basis which is the 
result of a revolution interrupted and isolated.

The point is to recognize what the Cuban revolution has indeed 
accomplished-- overthrowing the bourgoisie; introducing collective, social 
ownership of the means of production; building a society more egalitarian 
than any other in the last 50 years; and also what it has not accomplished--  
provide for socialism in one country, on one island.

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