[Marxism] fronting for Morales

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It was well documented at the time in 2005 how workers' self-organizations 
set up the blockades; how actual militias were established to protect 
strikers and those organizing the protests.

It is well documented that after Mesa reneged and vetoed the bill provididng 
for the 50% tax and royalty on gas and oil, with no credit against income 
taxes, protests organized and led by workers took control of El Alto. 
Earlier, the workers and poor of El Alto had taken to the streets  were 
motivated not only by against French Suez who had taken control of the water 
supply.  Then Mesa listened, cancelling the contract.  This time he didn't, 
which proves, I guess that oil and gas are thicker than water.

It is well documented that in June of 2005, 3  fields "belonging" to 
Repsol-YPF were taken over by workers as were the Chaco fields "belonging" 
to BP.  If you don't see emerging soviets in these actions, then I'm afraid 
you will never see them.

Morales and the MAS had extensive ties to those blockading the streets, 
setting up the blockades on the highways leading to the cities and to the 
the gas fields,  but it was the MAS who wanted the "resolution" of this to 
be purely parliamentary.

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> Im sorry, i must have blinked and missed this magically sprouting of
> soviets all across Bolivia that were on the verge of form a national
> workers government and which was destroyed at the whim of a single
> man. 

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