[Marxism] Human rights group says it has proof of detainee abuse

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Human rights group says it has proof of detainee abuse

By Bryan Bender | The Boston Globe, June 18, 2008

WASHINGTON - A Cambridge-based human rights organization said it has
found medical evidence supporting the claims of 11 former detainees
who were allegedly tortured while in American custody between 2001 and
2004, in what a former top US military investigator said amounts to
evidence of war crimes.

Medical evaluations of the former inmates found injuries consistent
with the alleged abuse, including the psychological effects of sensory
deprivation and forced nudity as well as signs of "severe physical and
sexual assault," Physicians for Human Rights said in a report
scheduled for release today.

The report also alleges that in four of the cases, American health
professionals appeared to have been complicit by denying the detainees
medical care and observing the abuse but making no effort to stop it -
charges that, if true, represent gross violations of medical ethics.

Four of the men were captured in Afghanistan and imprisoned in
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and seven were held in Iraq. All were released
in recent years, and none was charged with a crime.

Physicians for Human Rights, a liberal-leaning nongovernmental
organization established in 1988, relies on health professionals to
investigate human rights abuses around the world. It has been credited
for chronicling the AIDS epidemic in Africa and investigating
conditions in US prisons and juvenile detention centers.

A Physicians for Human Rights official was questioned earlier this
month by Israeli authorities after organizing mobile health clinics in
Palestinian areas.

The subjects of the group's latest study were identified with the help
of two law firms that represent the former detainees, along with the
Center for Constitutional Rights, a nonprofit legal advocacy group.
The group also established a five-person internal ethics board to
review the investigative procedures.

The 130-page report, a copy of which was provided to the Globe, is
being released as Congress convenes hearings on the Bush
administration's use of controversial interrogation techniques on
terrorism suspects. The hearings have examined allegations that some
techniques amounted to torture and violated international law, and the
Physicians for Human Rights study offers medical evidence to support
those allegations.

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